Feasibility study of the evaluation of the training program of Anorexia and bulimia Québec

Despite the abundance of new, empirically validated information in recent years on the treatment of eating disorders (ED), a large number of interveners do not use practices that have been demonstrated to be effective by research. From a perspective of multidisciplinary intervention, an evaluation of intervention programs by community organizations is necessary to offer adequate services based on tested data. Anorexia and Bulimia Boulimie Québec (ANEB Québec) is a non-profit community organization whose mission consists of providing specialized assistance to persons with an ED. From the perspective of improving practices adopted by the organization’s interveners, an evaluation of the empirical content of the training program for closed support groups has been proposed. However, before proceeding to such an evaluation, a feasibility study must be conducted, to ensure that the program evaluation can be carried out. This process is designed to objectively define the program activities, clarify its goals, set realistic objectives, identify performance indicators and explore alternative evaluation plans The ANEB Québec priorities for the evaluation of its practices and the future use of the results of the study by the organization will be established.

Project team members: