Production of summary records on the key aspects of knowledge transfer in education

In 2011, at the closing of the 1st Symposium on Knowledge Transfer in Education,   CTREQ was asked by the Québec Department of Education (MELS) to coordinate a consultative committee on knowledge transfer in education. This committee brings together representatives of various communities (government, paragovernmental, university and college, school boards, unions, parents and the community at large). Its mandate is to develop a general vision of knowledge transfer activities in Québec, in order to promote complementary initiatives, make them known and contribute to the development of a culture of transfer.

 The objective of this project is to support the work of task forces resulting from the consultation committee by making summary records on key aspects of knowledge transfer in education, specifically:

1)      Role of participants:

  • roles, responsibilities and actors;
  • conditions for facilitating the exercise of roles and responsibilities;
  • competencies to perform these roles;
  • issues raised in the exercise of these roles;

2)      Accessibility to research results:

  • needs of actors in the field
    (subjects, types of research, transfer procedures);
  • levers that are most favourable to access to research results;

3)      Culture of transfer.

 The work of these groups allows updating of certain segments of the terms of reference of the consultation committee, including the organization of a 2nd Symposium, which will take place on February 18 and 19.