Knowledge transfer in response to an action research project on teaching reading and writing strategies in the 2nd and 3rdcycles of elementary school

In collaboration with the Commission scolaire du Pays-des-Bleuets, we conducted an action research on teaching reading and writing strategies in the 3rd to 6th grades, in which a dozen teachers and two educational consultants took part. The research took place in two phases:

– The first phase (2010-2011) targeted reading strategies.

– The second phase (2012-2013) concentrated on writing strategies.

 The project objective was to transfer to others the knowledge acquired by the teachers as part of the action research. Three cases– knowledge transfer vectors– were documented:

– The first vector presents the case of a teacher who participated in the action research and who becomes a “multiplying agent” in her school. This involved documenting what she transfers to her colleagues, how she does it and what they change in their practice as a result.

– The second vector involves the coaching role of educational consultants with teachers who did not participate in the action research. It involves documenting what the consultants reinvest from this research and how they go about it.

– The third vector presents the case of two teachers who participated in the project who are from the same school and work in collaboration. In this case, it is a matter of documenting if, afterwards, discussions took place between the two teachers about the content of the action research and if so, what resulted from them.

 It should be noted that the first phase of the action research project, the one involving reading strategies won the Consortium régional de recherche en éducation (CRRE) prize in 2011.


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