Mélodie Briand-Lamarche, M. Sc., étudiante au Ph. D.

I have been interested in the issues of knowledge transfer since 2008, when as a master’s student, under Christian Dagenais, Ph. D., I had the opportunity of evaluating the implementation processes of a transfer initiative conducted by CLIPP (Liaison Centre for psychosocial prevention and intervention). Then, for that organization, I served as director of projects for evaluation for a year before beginning my doctoral studies in 2011. During that same year, I collaborated with the Chair for the study of the application of knowledge in the field of young people and families in difficulty, as part of a practice community seeking to “accelerate and increase the effect of the use of knowledge in human and social services organizations.”


Activity areas associated with knowledge transfer:

  • Evaluation methodologies
  • Mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Roles and challenges of liaison agents and organizations (brokers, OLTIS, etc.)