About the informational monitoring on research in knowledge transfer


The informational monitoring on research in knowledge transfer aims to address the information needs of Equipe RENARD members. It covers their main areas of research:     

  • Public Health
  • Health and Social Services
  • International Development
  • Education
  • Political science, economics and management
  • Social studies
  • Generality  about KT

The informational monitoring lists mainly scientific publications such as academic journals articles and monographs. When possible, it also collects gray literature such as research reports, conference proceedings, dissertations and master’s doctoral theses. Finally, it flies over online resources in general. These pages present the most recent results of our survey. If you want to read the archives, please contact us. For a more detailed monitoring of the internet and social media, join us through your favorite social networks among Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The establishment and functioning of this monitoring cell is possible thanks to the collaboration of the CJM-IU-UQAM Chair in knowledge application in the field of youth and families in need.



Classification of research areas:     

  • Political science, economics and management: field concerning research on the mechanisms of government, policy analysis or planning, management and control of a company or organization. Main topics: organizational management or business; organizational culture or business; operation of organization or business.
  • Public health: field related to various aspects of the health of a population. Main themes: monitoring the health status of a population; health promotion; disease prevention and social problems; health protection; regulation, legislation and public health policies; research and innovation; developing and maintaining the skills of people working in public health (themes from the National Program of Public Health, Government of Quebec).
  • Health and social services: domain on the health of individuals and based on a principle of proximity provider-patient (based on the field of public health). It covers health care, both physical and mental.
  • International development: field about research of international scope and not local on the following topics: health; education; food security (agriculture); social and community organization; community economic development; human rights; Democracy (themes from the Quebec International Development Program (PQDI), Government of Quebec).
  • Education: domain related to the academic world (primary, secondary, post-secondary, continuing education). It involves research on activities of transmission of knowledge and skills, as well as the educational theories and practices.
  • Social sciences: this field is chosen when the text specifies that it deals specifically with social sciences without giving further details (more general than the areas mentioned above, but more specific than the field of general term).
  • General: area retained when the document deals with non-specific or various research fields (other than those listed above).