The concept of knowledge transfer tends more and more to democratize, whether in universities and research community more generally, or in other sectors and levels of decision making (eg, clinicians, policy makers, patients, public, community stakeholders, etc.). But who speaks of knowledge transfer?

This concept is still relatively new or at least an emerging field of study and practice for many. This is why we were interested to know who is talking about KT.In December 2013, an inventory of knowledge transfer web actors was realised by the team.

10 search equations / keywords in both French and English which according to the team were the most relevant to conduct an inventory representative of the process of knowledge transfer as identified by its own actors were identified. These 10 search equations were submitted on 3 major search engines on the web, together accounting for over 70% three research conducted by Western visitors.

The first 20 results given by each search engine for each of the 10 equations were then analyzed to determine the state of representative picture of the concept of knowledge transfer on the web: who speaks from what region, how about, what kind of site, etc.

Below is the infographic summarizing the data analyzed.


The 10 search equations:

    • knowledge transfer
    • transfert de connaissances
    • research utilization
    • research utilisation
    • knowledge utilisation
    • knowledge utilization
    • utilisation des connaissances
    • knowledge mobilization
    • mobilisation des connaissances
    • knowledge translation