Policy brief as a knowledge transfer tool: to “make a splash”, your policy brief must first be read

This publication is an editorial by Christian Dagenais and Valery Ridde produced for volume 32, number 3 of the Gaceta Sanitaria Journal, called Research for health in Latin America – Collaboration, publication and application of knowledge, which was published in May 2018. Since 2010, the research teams that the authors work with have produced dozens of policy briefs (PB) with the purpose of informing the various stakeholders of the results of their studies and their usefulness regarding public health practices, decision-making and policy change. Based on these experiences, the two researchers have developed a guide for preparing policy briefs. In this editorial, they present a PB format intended for a non-scientific audience, to act as an influence on practices and policy-making. (more…)

Letter to the editor in response to “No difference in knowledge obtained from infographic or plain language summary of a Cochrane systematic review: three randomized controlled trials” by Buljan et al. (2017)

Abstract : Buljan et al. conducted three randomized controlled trials to examine the effect of different summary formats (i.e., scientific abstract, plain language summary (PLS), and infographic) of a Cochrane systematic review on knowledge acquired, reading experience, and perceived user-friendliness of three groups (i.e., students, consumers, and doctors). As researchers in knowledge translation (KT), we were interested in this innovative and useful study. However, we have identified some issues that are worth considering. 

What is the state of research on Knowledge Transfer ?

At the last meeting of Équipe RENARD, a brief report on the progress of research in knowledge transfer was presented by Christian Dagenais. This presentation is a synthesis of two reviews published in 2016, and tries to present the mechanisms, and their effectiveness, to increase the use of research for decision-making.  (more…)

How to present research results differently? The importance of visual presentation of information

This poster, produced by Esther Mc Sween-Cadieux in collaboration with Christian Dagenais and Valéry Ridde, was presented at the 2017 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, which was held on May 17-18 in Ottawa-Gatineau. The poster discusses the importance of visual presentation of research results and received the second place of the Poster, visual art & design awards. (more…)

Knowledge transfer concepts

A conceptual summary about knowledge transfer, directed by Valery Ridde and Christian Dagenais and presented Sept. 26 at the University of Western Cape, South Africa, for the 2014 edition of Emerging Voices.

Knowledge transfert concepts from valéry ridde